Appointment of new staff at Babywearing UK

Babywearing UK is delighted to announce that in line with its plans to increase the promotion of safe babywearing to expectant and new parents, birth educators, maternity service providers and the general public, it has appointed Arabella Greatorex to the position of Administrator.

Arabella has been active in the babywearing community for many years and has carried both her own children in a range of slings until the age of 4 1/2 years.

Arabella is a keen advocate of the ways in which babywearing can make a new parent’s life easier:

“Both my girls suffered from colic and needed to be held upright as much as possible. I was lucky enough to be gifted a high street carrier 10 years ago and it made me realise just how much comfort my baby received from being held securely with slight pressure on her tummy plus I was able to move around, do the shopping and give my arms a bit of a rest.

I did some online research (much harder 10 years ago!) and soon invested in a ring sling and a Mei Tai, both of which enabled me to carry my daughter in comfort for hours at a time in the safe tummy to tummy position”. *See note re sling safety below

As a non-driver, Arabella also points out that babywearing can give families with young children more freedom.

“Carrying your baby in a sling rather than pushing in a pram gives you so much more flexibility. We can hop on and off buses and trains with ease and make the most of our gorgeous Devon countryside by visiting beaches and Moors that are inaccessible by pram.”

Other new staff started very recently as well, including the Course Administrator for the School of Babywearing and an Administrator for the European Babywearing Conference.

And just a quick note re slings and safety – 10 years ago the best practice was to carry your baby in the tummy2tummy position but this has now been replaced by the TICKS – you can download a FREE copy of the TICKS guide from the School of Babywearing site at –

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Babywearing Job Vacancies

Please use the links below to download application packs for current babywearing job vacancies:

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Welcome to Babywearing UK

Please come and visit us again during International Babywearing Week to see our new site…  In the mean time, please join us on Facebook,

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