Sling Meet

Do any of the following describe you?

  • You want to carry your baby while you carry on other activities
  • You want to buy a carrier but you’re not quite sure which one
  • You have a carrier but have not had much luck getting a comfortable fit
  • You’ve never used a baby carrier but wouldn’t mind trying
  • You are an experienced “baby wearer” and you would like to share your experience

Then come and meet us!

Browse the forum, check out who’s in your region, where the next meetings are.

No one in your region yet? Then come and say hello anyway, who knows who will be joining tomorrow? Feel free to suggest a meeting in your area.

Remember to introduce yourself when you register.

This forum is just a facility for parents to organise meetings themselves, where they want, when they want.

Sling Meet is not responsible for your safety, please use common sense when meeting other people, do not post phone numbers or personal addresses on the forum.

There are Sling Meets every day of the week, all over the UK run by parents who are passionate about babywearing and happy to help you find the perfect sling for your little one.

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