Local Babywearing Support

Please use the map below to find your local Sling Meet or group, Sling Library or Babywearing Consultant. They are also listed below the map. You can zoom in to your local area or use the search facility.

Blue sling meetsSling Meets and groups are usually informal meetings of parents who love slings. They often share their own slings at the meeting, allowing you to try different ones. Some groups are run by a trained Babywearing Peer Supporter.

Turq sling librariesSling Libraries allow you to hire slings and accessories. They make a small charge for this. Some offer hire by post.

Red babywearing consultantsThe Babywearing Consultants listed here are trained to offer support to parents on a one-to-one basis. Feel free to ask them about their qualifications, experience and insurance cover. Those coloured red and marked with cerisea star star have trained or are training with the  School of Babywearing. We believe that becoming a Babywearing Consultant takes time and so, after attending their training course, we ask our students to complete coursework and some practise consultations. We list them as Trainee Babywearing Consultants while their coursework is outstanding.  Once their coursework has been assessed and verified, we award them with their TQUK accredited Babywearing Consultancy qualification. Other Consultants are marked in bright pink.

TSchoolofBabywearingcoursehis shows the location of current School of Babywearing courses. Do contact us if you’d like to see one in your area.

If you run a SlingMeet or Sling Library not listed here or you are a Babywearing Consultant who has trained elsewhere, please complete this form to find out about being listed here.

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