Benefits for Baby

Baby wearing is also good for your baby’s emotional and physical development. The closeness of carrying your baby ensures that yours and your baby’s body rhythm synchronise quickly.

Research (1) has indicated that babies who are carried in a sling cry on average 43% less overall than other babies. They were found to particularly cry less during the evening hours with 54% of babies crying less during this time. Parents of babies that have found it difficult to settle have also reported a significant decrease in the amount of fussing that their youngster does.

Research (2) has shown that this helps newborns to adapt to life outside the womb at a faster rate than those not carried in slings. Being close to the mother helps baby to make the transition from the womb to the outside world more easily. The womb ensures that they baby’s systems are regulated yet birth temporarily disrupts this regulation. The baby can feel the same rhythms that were felt in the womb such as the mother walking, the sound of her heartbeat and the rhythm of her breathing. Attachment parenting researchers all agree that the continued presence of the mother, such as during baby wearing is vital for a youngsters well-being.

Carrying babies is also an excellent way of developing their mental well-being. Whilst being in a sling babies spend more time in an alert state which is ideal for learning. They also have a better view of the world, as they see the world from your perspective rather than from the confines of a cot or pram. This added visual stimulation benefits the brains development. The baby is able to tune into adult conversations due to the position that they are being held in and this may enhance speech development. Being held at voice and eye level certainly ensures that he is more involved in conversations and listening skills are usually much more developed in sling carried babies. Emotionally babies benefit from being carried in a sling as they are able to develop a stronger sense of security.

While babies do enjoy being carried by their parents best, they will adapt to a caregiver better if a sling is worn. Once baby is used to being carried they will associate the sling with comfort and security and then settle better with any other adult who carries them such as a babysitter, grandparent or foster parent.

With so many benefits for both parent and child is it clear to see why so many babies are now being transported in a sling. The baby wearing style of parenting will bring out the best in your baby and yourself ensuring that a positive relationship is created with your child that will last a lifetime.