Babywearing Resources

As part of our commitment to providing literature to promote babywearing we have the following resources available to download or to order. You can also now order packs of these resources and free personalised labels to attach to the back of the Babywearing Guide,

Babywearing Guide
This tri-fold leaflet outlines the benefits of babywearing, types of slings and baby carriers available and how to choose one. You can download a copy here or order printed copies using the form below.
tickscards ds Babywearing UK Cards
These business cards remind parents of the key elements of babywearing safety, including the TICKS checklist, as well as signposting them to Babywearing UK where they can find their local babywearing group or consultant.
Colpages_white Colouring Pages
Designed for us by Delia M Hubbard, you can download these from us.
Colouring Postcards
Using four of Delia M Hubbard’s great designs, these are available in printed format.[Currently out of stock]
Safety Postcards
inform parents & professionals about the benefits of babywearing and top safety tips including a Babywearing Safety poem written by one of the School of Babywearing Consultants.

You can also order resource packs here, and all you pay is postage costs.  Please note there is a 2-3 week turnaround for resources order to be delivered.

Small Pack
10 x Babywearing Guide
30 x Babywearing UK Cards
10 x Safety PostcardsPostage: £1.50
Medium Pack
50 x Babywearing Guide
90 x Babywearing UK Cards
30 x Safety PostcardsPostage: £3.00
Large Pack
100 x Babywearing Guide
150 x Babywearing UK Cards
60 x Safety PostcardsPostage: £5.00


Personalised labels whiteBGPersonalised Labels

The Babywearing Guide has space on the back cover for contact details for your Sling Library, Meet or Consultancy.  If you would like us to print out stickers of the correct size for you to attach, please email your order number plus details for the stickers.