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So you have decided to buy a sling or carrier to carry your little one? Welcome to the wonderful world of babywearing. The next question is what type will you choose? What are the differences? This article will guide you through the array of slings and baby carriers that are now on the market.

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Once you understand the different types of sling that are available on the market it is time to consider which option will best suit you and your family. Things to take into consideration will include how you wish to wear the sling, whether you intend to keep the baby in the sling or keep removing from the sling, if you require a sling to provide discreet breastfeeding and also how willing you are to practise using your sling until you get it right.

If you are now ready to venture out into the wonderful world of babywearing, these tips on buying your first baby sling and some advice for using a sling may help you.

If you are still a little unsure, why not find out about a little more about babywearing itself or the benefits of babywearing for your baby and for you?

Armed with this information it just remains to wish you and your child many hours of very happy babywearing!