Benefits for Parents

Being a parent is extremely rewarding however it can also be a demanding and daunting role. At times it is difficult to get daily chores completed when your baby is demanding so much attention. Even making a telephone call can seem a major task when your youngster requires soothing. It is essential that your baby feels happy and content for both your and their emotional well-being. Baby wearing is a great way to offer children your physical presence while allowing you to get on with the everyday tasks. You can keep your baby close and content while providing a stimulating learning environment for them. Baby wearing ensures that you are hands free so that you can make that phone call, do the housework or go for a walk.

If you have other children in your household, a sling can help you to meet their needs, while also offering your baby the stimulation that he needs. This goes a long way to reduce sibling rivalry as your older child sees that you still have time to play with them and fulfil their needs.

Baby wearing is particularly useful when you are out and about, if you are using public transport. No need to fold up a bulky pushchair and carry it on board! A sling provides a safe and secure environment for baby when shopping or in crowds.

Baby wearing allows nursing mothers to breastfeed on the move. You can continue with an active lifestyle even when your youngster is demanding a great deal of satisfying. It is also an excellent way of breastfeeding discreetly while outside the home. Because babies feel comfortable and secure in a sling they are very happy to be fed in their sling and some babies actually feed better on the move.

When worn correctly a sling can ease back and shoulder pain as the babies weight is evenly distributed. It is also a must-have for parents of larger babies who may find the weight of carrying their youngster leads to aching arms and shoulders. Slings can also be useful for times when you are feeling tired but your baby is wide awake. Certain positions are less stimulating for the child and can be sleep inducing.

Using a sling is also a good way for babies to bond with their fathers. Fathers tend to have a different body rhythm to mothers and the baby will learn to appreciate these differences and respond accordingly. Fathers report that baby wearing helps them develop a sense of closeness that taking baby out in a pushchair just can’t provide. Mothers suffering from post-natal depression may also find baby wearing a useful yet non-intrusive way of bonding with their baby.